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Zal-Shadow Overload Mode

January 31st, 2012, 8:35 am

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no mo' steriods :D
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Posted by Zalmikku

Now to Confuse You All

And now for more shit that I can't really explain too the full extent. This is Zal's Shadow Overload Mode and as you can clearly see, he's neither as big or as crazy as Berserk Mode. That's because Zal's actually completely in control of this mode, and he can invoke it whenever he pleases, with a cost. He can invoke this mode by absorbing all the shadows in his immediate area, the more the better and stronger the mode is, but generally the results are marginally the same as Berserk mode. The downside, unlike Berserk mode where the shadows are being "naturally" created indefinitely, the shadows for this mode are being absorbed externally, putting massive amounts of stress on both his mind and body. Simply put, once he drops the mode, he'd better be safe or finished with his opponent, cuz he's pretty much 100% incapacitated/paralyzed for an extended period of time.

And xVegitox welcome to the answer to "I always imagined his super form to be less... 'big and clumsy'"

"I'd hate to be rude, but I need to finish this quickly."

More Fun Facts, but of these were Edited from DBZ characters

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